WordPress has expanded beyond its beginnings as just another piece of blog software. As the capabilities of WordPress have expanded, people have been using the software in multiple interesting ways to power web sites, portfolios, e-magazines and much, much more.

The objective of this proposal is to develop enhancements to WordPress to make it easier for freelance programmers to use the software as a tool to showcase and publish their work and manage client contacts.

Project Proposal

I propose to create a suite of WordPress plugins and package it as a piece of software named "FreelancePress" (FP). FreelancePress would contain at least four different plugins or enhancements that would work together to create the perfect freelance portfolio and resume site:

Portfolio Component

The portfolio component will be one of the main attractions of the package and allow freelancers to share their past work with prospective clients. The portfolio component will include at least the following functionality:

  • Image Upload and Gallery: FP would provide an image upload and gallery function for displaying screen shots and other graphic portfolio objects. The gallery should be powered by Light Box for added effectiveness and to allow for flipping or paging through the different portfolio entries.
  • Categories: FP will allow for unlimted category nesting.
  • Portfolio Custom Fields: FP would allow for the creation of custom fields to be added to portfolio entries. By default, users would be able to enter details for "Description", "Client", "URL", "Agency", "Title" and "Date". By allowing custom fields as well, users would not be limited in terms of what or how much they could write about their portfolio entries.
  • Widget: The FP widget system would allow a recent entry or selected entry or entries to be shown in the sidebar, footer, etc.

Contact Component

A contact component will be created to allow potential clients to easily contact the owner of the site. There will be two options for contact:

  • Contact Information: Allows the owner to quickly list IM names, emails and phone numbers.
  • Contact Form: To cut down on the effort needed to contact the freelance programmer, there will be an extended contact form. The form will allow custom fields including attachments. This would allow a client to send any information the freelancer might need, such as a design specification at the time the contact is made.

Testimonials Component

This would be a small FP plugin to share and manage testimonials from other clients. The plugin would include pagination and ordering capabilities. The plugin would allow linking from a testimonial comment to a portfolio entry.

Social Network Integration

FP will contain enhancements to enable tighter social network integration. For instance, a freelancer's Twitter, LinkedIn account, and Facebook accounts and selected content could be showcased in the portfolio and used to supply updates on the freelancer's activities, credentials and accomplishments.


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