WordPress has expanded beyond its beginnings as just another piece of blog software. As the capabilities of WordPress have expanded, people have been using the software in multiple interesting ways to power web sites, portfolios, e-magazines and much, much more.

The objective of this proposal is to develop enhancements to WordPress to make it easier for freelance programmers to use the software as a tool to showcase and publish their work and manage client contacts.

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Extended WordPress Search Engine

Currently the search engine included in WordPress is very limited as to what types or categories of data it can locate and how a blog user can employ the system to locate them (search mode). For example, you cannot search blog posts with a simple strategy such as "find A string in category C". You can't perform a search such as "search all categories, but not category B". It also doesn't support advanced boolean search query formats (grouping, OR, NOT, AND).

For these reasons, the WordPress search system needs an overhaul and enhancement. Members of a blog need to be able to find what they need quickly and efficiently. The search capabilities of WordPress should allow for a greater flexibility and power in search configuration and strategy so that blog users retrieve optimal relevant search results.

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